We combine instinctive photography and excellent composition skills to give you the perfect image for your:

Images taken can be supplied as very high resolution (taken in raw format) for print work, or as low resolution for web pages or e-mailing press releases.

We can also print your images on to traditional photo paper, perspex or canvas, and at larger sizes too.

A full detailed quotation will be available for you to peruse once we have carried out our initial consultation.

Web site design

Lilac Sky can also design and plan your web site to your specification, with as much or as little creative input as required. You already know that we can create all of your images, offer help with (or entirely write) your web site copy, but also, once you are completely happy with this material, we can turn it into a fully functioning site with a web application backend and hosting provided by Arachsys. We can also provide you with your own internet domain name and email hosting if you do not already have this.

Marketing and Public Relations

Lilac Sky specialises in providing PR services for small businesses and advising on all aspects of marketing.

Having spent many years getting companies noticed, Lilac Sky offers an additional service of writing press releases to maximise your business potential. We can also advise on marketing and advertising, although sometimes all you need is a well written press release.

The additional benefit to using Lilac Sky is that we can also take the picture for the press release saving precious time for both the media and yourselves.

Portrait Photography

You may have noticed that Lilac Sky doesnt take pictures of people! This isn't quite true; if you need semi-formal images for your web site of you, or your staff, we would be happy to accept the challenge. If it is a more formal, studio or back-drop setting you require we know a man who can. Please send us an email at, and we'll put you in touch. He's a nice man called Mark, and is extremely experienced in portrait photography.

Creative Shropshire

Lilac Sky have joined a wonderful talented group of people called Creative Shropshire which is, in short, a lot of very creative companies all in one place!

Have a look at the website for further information.